Tips for Preventing the Onset of Oral Cancer

Tips for Preventing the Onset of Oral CancerNowadays, oral cancer has become an increasingly common disease which affects people from almost all walks of life, no matter how young or old they may be. Because of the stresses of modern life, many people don’t pay any heed to their health, which could cause major problems in the long run. The number of cancer cases among the young is on the rise, and this is a serious cause for concern.

There is a popular misconception that cancer is unavoidable and there is a general tendency to blame bad luck. However, the truth is that like many other diseases, the choices you make throughout your life play a major part in deciding whether you will get cancer or not. Here is a look at a few lifestyle changes you can make to prevent the onset of oral cancer.

Quit tobacco

Tobacco is known to be one of the major causes of oral cancer. Avoid cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products as much as possible. Tobacco products contain various carcinogens which affect the mouth and throat, leading to cancer and other diseases.

Oral hygiene

It is important to make sure that your mouth is kept as clean as possible. Bad oral hygiene is one of the known causes of oral cancer. Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day and ensure that there is no food residue stuck to your teeth after a meal. Do not use mouthwash more than twice a day.


Check your oral cavity at least once a month and look for possible warning signs such as abnormal patches, swellings, persistent ulcers, etc. Do not ignore even minor issues as they could all be warning signs of cancer. By detecting the growth of cancerous cells as early as possible, you will be able to make sure that the treatment is effective.

Quit alcohol

While alcohol has a positive effect on the body when taken in small quantities, consuming too much of it could lead to numerous health problems, including oral cancer and liver cirrhosis. Restrict your consumption of alcohol or stop altogether. The carcinogenicity of alcohol increases substantially when ingested with tobacco.

Dental check-up

It is recommended that you visit a dentist at least twice a year to check for possible oral issues. The dentist is usually the first person to detect cancerous cells in the mouth. Even if you don’t detect any issues, visiting regularly just to keep your teeth clean is a good idea.

Reduce exposure to the sun

The rays from the sun contain harmful UV rays which are known to cause cancer, especially on the lower lip. Limit your exposure to sun when you are going out and keep your face protected by using appropriate sunscreen, and if necessary, a scarf or something similar. Usana’s daytime protective emulsion has sunscreen inbuilt

Healthy lifestyle

Have a balanced diet that contains all the necessary nutrients and exercise regularly to prevent the onset of oral cancer. Leading a sedentary lifestyle puts you at a higher risk of developing cancer and other diseases. Reset your body with this 12 week healthy weight program, to maintain healthy weight. Contact me for further details and support.

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