Treating Uterine Fibroids

The existence of uterine fibroids is prevalent in about a quarter to a third of all women.  The benign growths that affect the muscle of the uterus range in size anywhere from the size of a pea to the size of a basketball.  Although there are some cases where a woman may just have one fibroid, most women who have this issue have more than one fibroids.  In addition, while many of these fibroids do not have symptoms accompanying them, there are some signs that the fibroids exist.  A woman’s period may become increasingly heavy and a woman may experience pain in her abdomen because of the fibroids.  With the increased amount in fibroids, she may experience bladder problems as well.  Uterine fibroids can impede on a woman’s ability to conceive and may be a cause of miscarriage.

Most doctors recommend surgically removing the fibroids or a hysterectomy but before surgery, women should explore their options.  Natural treatments for uterine fibroids are also another route that may have some success in eliminating these little uterine tumors.  There is belief that you can reduce the possibility of these fibroids by increasing your fiber consumption.  Whole food diets that consist of foods high in green leafy vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and kale are a great natural way to remedy the fibroids.  It is also recommended that vegetables from the sea that are naturally high and iodine be consumed.  The link between these vegetables and the uterine fibroids is not direct.  Iodine is needed to  maintain thyroid function, and there is belief that an under active thyroid can be a link to uterine fibroids.

It is believed that Bladderwrack is a natural remedy for uterine fibroids.  This remedy can be made at home.  You will need dried cut fucus, 1 ounce of ground flax and 2 ¼ pints of water.  This natural remedy should not be taken if a woman is pregnant or hyperthyroidism.  There are also some natural organic fibroid pills that can be taken.  These may have reduced the size of the growths, but have not eliminated the fibroids.

By making dietary and lifestyle changes, this can also make be a naturally effective way of treating the uterine fibroids.  It is believed that alcohol is linked to uterine fibroids, so be reducing your alcohol consumption, this may help in reducing the fibroids.

By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can also alter the effects and existence of the uterine fibroids.  Exercise will not eliminate the fibroids, but a lifestyle of solid exercise will reduce the side effects of the uterine fibroids.

Prevailing health issues can also increase uterine fibroids, by eliminating those issues; you can reduce the uterine fibroids.  High blood sugar increases the chances of developing uterine fibroids, and by reducing the blood sugar, the possibility of reducing the uterine fibroids increases.  This is also true with hypertension or high blood pressure.  These are directly linked to uterine fibroids, and by reducing or eliminating these health ailments, you are naturally reducing and/or eliminating uterine fibroids naturally.

One of the greatest problems with the uterine fibroids, there has not been a clear link or reason to why the develop.  While there are small links to the fibroids, there has not been a scientific explanation of how they begin, making it hard to understand and naturally eliminate them.  However, these simple natural remedies are stepping-stones towards a natural way of healing the fibroids for those who are opposed to surgeries and are trying to avoid hysterectomies.


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