Which Type Of Foods Should Be Avoided By Arthritis Patients

Which Type Of Foods Should Be Avoided By Arthritis PatientsPatients who have Arthritis do not only require proper and timely medical treatment but also require a healthy lifestyle with proper food intake and exercising.

Following are the type of foods that must not be consumed in Arthritis:

Inflammatory Intakes

Arthritis is a broad word surrounding physical conditions that share inflammation and joint pain. Usual arthritis treatment includes pain killers. While there is no best or prescribed arthritis diet, studies recommend that having inflammatory foods should be avoided with other food types that may activate joint pain.

Processed and Fried Foods

Mount Sinai School of Medicine’s studies on arthritis show that avoiding processed and fried foods like prepared frozen meals and fried meats can decrease inflammation and practically help build up the natural defense system of a body. Therefore, it recommended that patients of Arthritis should increase the intake of fruits and vegetables and start ignoring fried stuff.

Lower the AGE intake

AGE – Advanced Glycation End product is basically a toxin which is produced when foods are pasteurized, fried, grilled and heated. This toxin damages body proteins and the natural chemical response of the body against this protein breakage is the release of cytokines that are inflammatory in nature. Hence, the intake of this toxin can greatly worsen your arthritis.

It is also recommended that high temperature cooked foods should be avoided to reduce the levels of AGE in blood.

Refined Carbs and Sugars

AGE level is also increased by high intake of sugar. Cut down on sodas, white flour baked foods, processed foods and candies to help your Arthritis.

Dairy Products

Dairy products contain certain types of protein which can contribute in increasing arthritis pain. The research conducted by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine suggests that such a protein may aggravate tissues surrounding the joints. Most arthritis patients opt for a vegan diet which consists of no animal products.

Instead of acquiring protein from dairy and meat, it recommended for arthritis patients to get it from quinoa, lentils, beans, tofu, butters, nuts and spinach.

Tobacco and Alcohol

They can lead to numerous health issues including arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is mostly developed in smokers and Gout is mostly developed in alcoholics. A balanced diet is extremely important in keeping your joints healthy. The right amount of rest and physical activity is quintessential in the treatment of arthritis, which could be compromised through the intake of tobacco and alcohol. Try to cut down as much as possible on these habits to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Preservatives and Salts

Patients who are currently going through any type of arthritis treatment must know what is present in their food. For some patients, excess salt consumption can result in inflammation. It is highly recommended that arthritis patients should reduce their salt intake to a very modest amount.

Always go through food labels to avoid additives and preservatives. You must also avoid prepared meals as they tend to contain a high amount of salt.

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