Health and well-being during pregnancy – what you can do to ensure you feel your best

Health and well-being during pregnancy - what you can do to ensure you feel your best Good nutrition is vital to keep both mother and developing baby safe, happy and healthy during pregnancy. Follow these tips to ensure you feel your best during this special time.

Healthy Diet

The demands of pregnancy and the growing fetus change your dietary requirements dramatically so that certain vitamins and minerals are required in higher concentrations. Specifically, pregnant women are in need of increased levels of vitamin D, Iron, iodine, calcium and folic acid. Although a good and varied diet should ensure everything you need, it can be easier said than done when in the throws of morning sickness and when just the smell of food turns your stomach. After discussion with your health care provider, you may find a supplement is in order.

Healthy Weight

We’ve all heard the cliché about the pregnant woman gaining large amounts of excess weight and eating scoop after scoop of ice-cream on the sofa, while her poor husband heads out on a midnight donut run. This fallacy isn’t doing pregnant women any favors. Maintaining a healthy weight with steady and appropriate weight gain is essential during pregnancy. Excess weight can increase your risk of complications like gestational diabetes and won’t do you any favors when you try to lose it later. It is not necessary to “eat for two” and only a moderate increase in kilojoules is needed – nothing in the first trimester and 100-200 calories in the second and third. Talk to your health care provider about appropriate exercise to keep you fit and help you with your labor.

What to Avoid

Health guidelines change frequently, so it is best that you consult your health care provider for the current version. In general though, pregnant women need to be particularly careful to avoid foods that harbor listeria (like unpasteurized cheeses) and salmonella (raw eggs and undercooked meats) as well as excess mercury found in large fish. Some of these foods on the “avoid list” actually have high levels of required pregnancy nutrients, so find alternate sources or consider a supplement.

Keeping your body happy and healthy will ensure that you are at your best for the demands of pregnancy and the upcoming labor. You’ll need the energy – after all, it’s not called “labor” for nothing!


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