What’s really inside your favourite junk food?

Junk FoodHave you ever thought about what is inside Cheetos, a Twinkie, or Pop Rocks?

Is there any nutritional value or anything that could harm you if you consume too much?

Most people have no idea what’s really inside of their favorite junk food. It will probably make it easier to enjoy your favorite snack foods if you don’t read this article, but you really should be paying attention to what you are putting into your body.

There should be no surprise that junk food really is made from junk. Most of it has exceptionally low nutritional content, but instead it is high in meaningless calories. It is usually okay in moderation, but making a habit of a daily bad food binges will lead to weight gain, lack of energy, and stomach issues.

Here is a glimpse instead some of the most lethal junk foods:

What’s inside Cheetos?

The leading ingredients, corn, oil, and cheese make sense, but it is the extras that will make you cringe. It contains partially hydrogenated vegetable oil which means trans-fat is present. It appears as zero in the nutrition panel since a loophole in FDA regulations allows manufacturers to round down a value smaller than half a gram per serving. Even half a gram of trans-fat is unhealthy and most people consume more than the suggested serving size.

Then there is artificial flavor, which is considered a trade secret. Why do corn, oil, and cheddar cheese need artificial flavorings? Whenever a product has artificially flavored, ask yourself why the ingredients weren’t delicious enough on their own.

Plus there are the numerous artificial colors, since bright orange is not really a natural color. Yellow #6 is used, which is an artificial coloring that is derived from a possible carcinogen. It has also has been suspected to cause hyperactivity in children. The MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) in it is responsible for the yummy flavor, but it can cause an allergic reaction for some people. Does that make you want a handful of Cheetos?

What’s inside a Twinkie?

The first ingredient in a Twinkie is enriched bleached wheat flour. Don’t let the word enriched fool you, the components added to the flour can actually be toxic. The next component is water, which is good for you, so there is no issue there. The third ingredient however is sugar, which has many negative drawbacks as I am sure you know.

The effects of the high sugar are made worse by the fourth component, high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup is a sugar substitute made from corn and one of the leading causes of obesity.

The next ingredient is partially-hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is high in trans-fat and the worst oil you can consume for your health. Twinkies also contain eggs, which although high in cholesterol, they are fair from being the worst part of it. Twinkies also contain dextrose (unnatural sugar), soy lecithin, and salt.

The more shocking ingredient are mono and diglycerides (poison), cellulose gum (commonly found in hair gel), and sodium stearate (commonly found in soap). I bet those Twinkies are looking really tasty right now!

What’s inside Pop Rocks?

Since I have already explained the effects of many of the things inside Pop Rocks, I will just list the ingredients and let you be your own judge. Pop Rocks contain (in order of percentage) sugar, lactose (milk sugar), corn syrup, artificial flavor, artificial color, plus they are processed with carbon dioxide. It’s a fun snack, but not really worth the sugar content.

There are many more of your favorites I could pick apart, but you’ll run out of yummy things to eat. Plus, hopefully this article has convinced you to evaluate your own diet more closely. Everything you need to know is usually right there on the label.

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