Why Usana

Why Usana

Why Usana Products are different from others

Usana follows pharmaceutical-grade Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for all its nutritional supplements. Usana guarantees the claimed potency of its products. Most of Usana’s formulations are manufactured in-house, following stringent analytical and quality control procedures. A variety of government agencies conduct periodic inspections to check the quality.

Usana Potency guaranteeMoney back guarantee of UsanaEach dietary supplement produced by USANA carries a Potency Guarantee, which ensures that what is stated on the label is actually contained in the product.

USANA® Essentials™ (Mega Antioxidant and Chelated Mineral), Procosa® II, Active Calcium™, and the HealthPak™ have all been exhaustively tested by NSF International and have been found to contain all ingredients at the labeled amounts. NSF is an independent, not-for-profit organization that helps protect consumers by certifying products and writing standards for food, water, and consumer goods.

In addition, when compared to 1,500 other products, USANA was named Editor’s Choice, and two products (Essentials and HealthPak) each received a top 5-star rating and Gold Medal of Achievement from NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements™, Consumer Edition.

A number of USANA supplements have been evaluated and approved by ConsumerLab.com, a leading provider of independent test results and information.

USANA is a member of the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA)—an association of dietary supplement and functional food companies that share a commitment to provide consumers with natural health products of superior quality, benefit, and reliability.

5 Reasons Why Usana Should be Chosen

1. Groundbreaking Nutritional Research.
2. Guaranteed Potency
3. First-class Ingredients
4. High-quality Manufacturing
5. Trust of Top Athletes and Health Professionals

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